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Happy Birthday Edward !

My sweet Edward is 7 today.  Here he is at age 1.

It’s amazing how quickly time flies.

We celebrated at Red Robin followed by a gluten-free cake!  His “big party” is a sleepover next week…that should be interesting…

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GF/CF Product Review: So Delicious Coconut Milk Yogurt !

Turtle Mountain has introduced another winner into the Channel household: So Delicious Cultured Coconut Milk Yogurt with active and live cultures.

After Edward’s favorable review of Turtle Mountain’s Purely Decadent gluten-free/casein-free ice cream, the good people in their marketing department shared several more products with us!

While six flavors are available, here’s a breakdown of typical ingredients:


Live Active Cultures include: L. Bulgaricus, S. Thermophilus, L. Plantarum, L. Rhamnosus, L. Paracasei and Bif. Lactus

Edward grabbed raspberry first.  It had small chunks of berries and was quite creamy:

He ate it quickly and hungrily, proclaiming that it tasted just like “real yogurt that I haven’t had in a such a long, long time!”  He also enjoyed the blueberry flavor and deemed it his favorite.

Sue, who is three, and Joseph, age 8, also thought both fruit yogurts were fabulous.

The mango was not so well-received by Edward.  He described it as “slimy, sour and gross…like ‘rotty’ mango.”  I tasted it, and it was quite sour.  Missing also were the fruit chunks that the blueberry and raspberry included; the consistency was that of baby food bananas.

Sue, however, proclaimed the mango as her favorite and ate the entire carton!  She claimed it tasted like carrots (??)

Edward, ever the critic, also made a confused face when he read about the “plain” yogurt.

Plain is not a flavor! I think I’m not going to like it!”

He was wrong, however; he thrilled to the plain, crying out, “Give me more, mom!”  He also enjoyed the vanilla, describing it as tasting like “vanilla cake and key lime pie!”

I’ll be requesting my local Publix add this to their offerings.  The Turtle Mountain web site even has a handy grocery request form you can give your local store.

Edward’s advice:  “They should keep making it!”

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GF/CF Friday: Purely Decadent Dairy Free Ice Cream

Please head on over the Hello Kittie Mama’s Bon Bon Gazette for more GF/CF Friday Reviews!

Finally, finally, finally, eureka! Someone has done it!  A great-tasting, fairly-priced dairy and gluten-free ice cream novelty with enviable flavor and creamy texture!

We have tried so many different dairy-free ice cream substitutes with Edward, our 6-year-old who has been on the GF/CF diet for 8 months; he flatly rejected them all.  Until the arrival of this jewel!  It actually has chunks of gluten-free chocolate chip cookie dough!  Feel the love:

The only down-side is Edward’s out-right obsession with the flavor and creamy goodness.  For instance today, I rounded the corner in the kitchen to find this:

My local Publix has even had this confectionary miracle on sale!

Buy, buy, buy!

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GF/CF Friday Product Review: Glutino Crackers

Today’s review features Glutino’s Gluten Free Crackers.

First, let me say that these crackers are incredibly attractive.

There is something about the “Glutino” name stamped within the cracker that hearkens memories of fancy Pepperidge Farm cookies.  This nuance, however, is lost on my 6-year-old GF/CF reviewer, Edward, who has been on the diet for 7 months.

Edward was a lover of all thing Ritz as a younger child, so his first inclination was to lick the Glutino cracker.  Apparently, it did not hearken any special Ritz-like memories for him because he refused to try it.  I slathered peanut butter, jelly and honey in an attempt to coax him to try at least a small smattering.  Not even a smackeral.

So, you are left with my opinion, as well as that of Sue, who just turned 3.  Sue thrilled to the cracker as long as it was swimming in jelly.  She is the same way with bread, so I am not sure what that says about this particular cracker.

I will say the cracker has a delightful smell and pleasant crunch.  The next thing the palate is addressed with, however, is a disturbing saltiness.  I am a lover of salt, but this is excessive.  The cracker is almost reminiscent of a Pepperidge Farm Table Water Cracker with a salty, almost bacon soda-ish flavor.  The aftertaste does linger.

I would struggle to eat these crackers.  I tried them with my favorite cheese and they overpowered the cheese.

I don’t see these as winners.

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GF/CF Friday: Cloudy Jello

Every Friday, I will review a Gluten Free/Casein Free (GF/CF) product from the perspective of my 6-year-old, Edward, who has been on the GF/CF diet for 7 months.

Here he is with a temporary mullet:

Don’t you feel like you can trust his opinion?

While Jello is not typically a gluten or casein-filled product, it is filled with artificial flavors and colors, which are incredibly destructive to my son’s sensitive system.  I have, however, found a Jello-like product that my whole family will tolerate when it’s been several months since they’ve had “real Jello” and they have forgotten about the crisp, clear color and flavor of the true “Jello” brand.  Behold:

Jello is such an consummate part of childhood and I felt a considerable amount of sorrow that Edward was missing out on this.  Plus it seemed like such a good texture from a sensory perspective.

I first ordered this from the Squirrel’s Nest a web site devoted to gluten/casein/artificial color/artificial flavor-free candies and treats.  (I highly recommend them!  I ordered all Christmas and Easter candy from them this past year; their prices are fair and customer service is unbeatable!)  Whole Foods also carries this brand.

I think the picture says it all:

It’s OK.

I mean, you see the limpish thumb and the tolerant face.  It’s not the gleeful joy we’ve seen before with chocolate cake.  Still, it’s jiggly, it’s sweet, and I have found that other children will eat it.  And that’s cool because it is priced ($1.69)–only slightly higher than standard Jello.

I’m no photographer, but if you look closely, you might spy the cloudy nature of the product.  And while that is troublesome to those of us accustomed to the clear, jewel-like gleam of the Jello brand product, what is more confounding is best described by Edward’s question:  “What’s the brown dust in the bottom of my bowl?”

Yes, you can’t see it with my limited photographic skills, but there is a brownish sediment that settles to the bottom of the Jello-like product once it is molded.  Perhaps the beet juice coloring is the culprit?  I don’t know.

It won’t send children running in from the yard, but at least it’s sweet.

Maybe we can break out the microscope next week and research this mysterious brown sediment further.  In the meantime, I’ll buy it again.

I guess.

Maybe I should mold it into shapes?

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GF/CF Friday Product Review: Pamela’s Chocolate Cake Mix

Every Friday, I will review a Gluten Free/Casein Free (GF/CF) product from the perspective of my 6-year-old, Edward, who has been on the GF/CF diet for 6 months.

(HelloKittieMama from the BonBonGazette will also be posting reviews on her site, so please check her out! )

I planned to make two cakes for my brother’s birthday–one GF/CF and one Betty Crocker.  I prepared this Pamela’s Chocolate Cake Mix first.  It was as easy as Betty Crocker–I just added eggs, water and oil.  Since I was a tad concerned about dryness, I decided to make one large bundt cake.  I just iced it with a glaze made with powdered sugar and water.

This easily came out of the bundt pan, and when I tasted the edges, I decided this was so spectacular I did not need to waste my time on Betty Crocker.  The cake was smooth and moist with a perfect chocolate flavor.  I am seriously picky, but even I would not have known this was GF/CF.

I did not announce that the cake was GF/CF, but everyone raved about it and asked for as second piece.  I waited until the next day to tell my brother and his girlfriend that the cake was gluten-free.  They had a difficult time believing me!

Edward absolutely adored this cake.  His take?  “This is the best cake I have ever had!  Thank you for making it.  Now, can you make another one?”  (That’s the only negative.  Now every day he begs for me to make another cake.)

I believe this would be the perfect cake for school birthday cupcakes!  I am so relieved to find a cake mix that I can use for everyone.

Watch out Betty Crocker!  Pamela’s on the move!

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It doesn’t go so well for the child star…

So H. took Edward to Publix to get more organic beef for “meat disks”–one of the few foods our picky sweetheart will eat.  He dips them in approximately 1/2 cup of ketchup.  At least it’s protein and it’s GF/CF-free.

Anyway, at the store, who did they run into first?  The famous “Lee” from the trichinosis days.

“Look–there’s Lee again–I’ll bet he’s under-cooking some more meat!  Let’s go see him!”  Edward cried.  Lucky for Lee, he was proffering samples of Breyer’s Chocolate Mint ice cream today.  Not a lot of food-borne illness peril there.

Still, our spontaneous songwriter was able to craft a song on the spot: “Ecoli makes you die.  Ecoli makes you die.”  It’s cheerfully sung to the tune of “Hell, No, We Won’t Go.”  According to H, he “sing-chanted” this throughout the store to the great amusement/concern of many shoppers.  That is, until he ran upon this tantalizing read:

“Why am I not a child star?  I should be a child star?  If I can’t be the ‘strongest boy in the world’ like Richard Sandrak, at least let me be a child star!”

H finally couldn’t take it anymore, so he blasted the poor 6-year-old with the cold, hard, brutal truth:  “Let me just tell you the truth, son: it doesn’t go so well for the child star.  You know those child stars end up either drunk, in jail or lost.”

OK, this is just a recipe for disaster for the next 6 weeks–an obsession with child stars, their neurosis, alcoholism, dyfunctionality–you name it.

It’s the first thing he can discuss with the woman checking the groceries.  “I’m sure you know all about the problems with child stars.  I am not a child star.  Child stars are usually drunks, and they are lost.”

“Did he just say something about child stars being drunks?” the checkout woman asks H.  “He’s a lot, isn’t he?”

“I believe so,” H replied.

And then, to the poor boy taking out the groceries:  “Have you ever been in jail?”

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GF/CF Friday Product Review: Zebra Dreams

Every Friday, I will review a Gluten Free/Casein Free (GF/CF) product from the perspective of my 6-year-old, Edward, who has been on the GF/CF diet for 6 months.

(HelloKittieMama from the BonBonGazette will also be posting reviews on her site, so please check her out! )

I personally have spent a small fortune trying GF/CF fare from countless grocery stores, health food stores and online venues.  Many of my choices have been met with Edward’s great disdain and disgust.  A few, however, had moved on to become treasured favorites.  It is my hope that these reviews will save others the pain and expense of throwing away $6.99 loaves of bread and $8.00 cookies!

Please feel free to grab my tag at the top of my site and review-away on your own site!


The “Zebra Dream” is a true winner from many perspectives.  The big draw is the white Oreo-like middle.  Edward’s first inclination was to scrape out that sugary innard and leave the dark chocolate cookie pieces for later.  Those pieces did languish on the plate for about 30 minutes while he ran off to jump on the trampoline.  He did return to them, however, and finish all but a few chunks.  (Even Sue consumed her personal twin pack without leaving too many crumbs.)

It appears that this separate “twin packaging” is an attempt to prevent these dry delicacies from crumbling.  Edward did note that he experienced “great thirst” after eating the cookies.  Still he proclaimed that they tasted like “cake,” and we all know cake is good.

Note what the package looks like after being dropped onto a tile floor from a 6-year-old’s grasp:

I’m not sure about the durability of these dreams in a school lunch.

Zebra Dreams: Fragile but Tasty!

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A Few of My Favorite Things

Trish at Where’s The Box/Another Piece of the Puzzle tagged me for my VERY FIRST meme!  I’m supposed to list 5 of my Favorite Things.  Here it goes:

1.  Baseball Caps: As depicted above, this is a standard look for me.  Baseball camp, hair in a pony tail or double braids.  I prefer a low cap with a long brim area to shield the fact that I wear little or no makeup.  This particular cap has been a favorite in my cap rotation for 10 years.  I bought it while attempting to ski in Utah.

2.  Summer Feet:  When I was a child we roamed the neighborhood freely, frolicking in no less than three criss-crossing creeks brimming with crawfish, stopping only to gobble down Jif and white bread sandwiches.  I lament my own children don’t enjoy such freedom, but I did submit myself to the purchase of a house lost in the age of “linoleum, brass and viney wallpaper” so they could have an ample back yard.  Now I expect them to play in it.  One of my favorites is when they actually do.  And then they have feet like this.  As they are supposed to.

3.  My Hubbie’s Cooking:  He tends to employ the unexpected–like this unorthodox marination technique.  Note how he has stuffed the chicken down into the Crisco bottle.  (It did make a fascinating sound when he squeezed it out.)  The Indonesian Satay seasoning, incidentally, is GF/CF and MSG-free.  Pretty tasty actually!

4.  Tiny Farm Animals:  I found these at Target, and paired with our new Spanish gluten-free clay, they provide hours of fun!

5.  Children’s Watercolors:  This latest piece by Sue was inspired by the perennial favorite If You Give A Pig a Party.

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GF/CF Friday: Glutino Flax Seed Bread

Every Friday, I will review a Gluten Free/Casein Free (GF/CF) product from the perspective of my 6-year-old, Edward, who has been on the GF/CF diet for 6 months.  I personally have spent a small fortune trying GF/CF fare from countless grocery stores, health food stores and online venues.  Many of my choices have been met with Edward’s great disdain and disgust.  A few, however, had moved on to to become treasured favorites.  It is my hope that these reviews will save others the pain and expense of throwing away $6.00 loaves of bread and $3.00 cookies!  Enjoy!


“It looks like an ant sundae.”

“It is disgusting and smells rotten.  It looks like a thousand germs have been spread on it.”

He will not eat this product.  Maybe I should throw it away, or perhaps conduct tests to see if birds will eat it.  It cost $6.99.  Beware!

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